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My Solution Services provides Online Business Management (OBM) and Professional Coaching for therapists around the world. Virtual services allow us to be just about anywhere and provide you with the assistance you need. We can help with just about every aspect of your business, offering a community blog where clinicians can connect, as well as coaching you on insurance, billing, and other important areas. We come alongside you to provide services with experience, specialized skills, and a personal touch to help you grow and maintain your business; to ease the burden of everyday tasks and to give you 

“More Time to Do What You Do Best”.



We are here to help, as little or as much as you need.

We provide quality Online Business Management offering Virtual Services that are customized to fit all your needs. We specialize in helping therapists in private practice or with centers managing the everyday tasks of their business. In addition, we offer Professional Coaching for business growth. Our specialty is working with therapists/clinicians bringing over 10 years in management and mental health practices to help grow and maintain your private practice or group practice.

Bringing knowledge, specialized skills, experience, a team that truly cares about you, your clients and your practice, we come with a personal touch, we come with a heart of truly caring about those we work with!  We work with people and businesses from all walks of life and can provide faith-based services to those who wish to incorporate their faith into business. Call our team today and speak with valued service agents prepared to help ease your burden and improve your business after the very first coaching session.


We’re here to help, Leaving you…

More Time to Do What You Do Best