How To Start A Private Practice On The Cheap (And Eventually Quit Your Day Job)

Here is great information and tips from Annie  – The Therapist’s Business Coach – as she writes about starting a Private Practice when you don’t have a lot of money!

Are you struggling to get enough clients, frustrated with working with the wrong clients for you?
Not charging enough to make a really good income?
Thinking you need to be on insurance panels because you can’t have a successful cash only therapy practice?
Doing everything experts and colleagues have told you to and still not reaching the income level you want?
Frustrated because you know you could have way more therapy clients and you’re not sure what’s missing?

If you answered YES to these questions then you definitely need to take up Annie’s FREE TOOL offer – The Private Practice strength Assessment. In 10 MINUTES you will know what you need to do next to grow your therapy practice.

Annie says, “The secret to growing a successful therapy practice is not to know every marketing strategy. It’s knowing what’s unique about you as a therapist, and knowing how to share that with the right people. “

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Annie is a therapist myself. She has been running a successful private practice for over 13 years, and has been coaching other therapists for over 5 years.
When She started out in private practice, She struggled. She struggled with my mindset around money, She struggled with not knowing how to build a private practice, and felt anxious about her business. At times she believed the discouraging things she heard from others about private practice.
Annie got to the other side of that, and created a business way beyond what she used to imagine. and she doesn’t want you to go through that same struggle! Annie will you to tap into your potential right away.
If you are starting out in private practice on a small budget, Annie can help!

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