6 Bullet Intake Call

ItMy Solution Services | 6 Bullet Intake Call | Onl. Business Management’s no surprise, a no brainer, imperative, the day will come… when you need help with your phones and scheduling new intake clients. You may already be there and you needed the support ‘yesterday’.

So you begin your search, do you homework and finally reach out to find help and it becomes real…and SCARY! It scares the *&$#! out of you!

You are actually considering about giving control over to someone else the major door to your practice growth – scheduling new intake clients.

I understand this and that is why I am writing… to accomplish a few things.

  1. Ease your mind about outsourcing your phones and scheduling
  2. Give you knowledge on how we (MSS) support you with this service
  3. Provide information that will help you know what to look for when outsourcing your phones.

In a few minutes, I am going to touch on the first 3 Bullets of our Call Structure that will put your mind at ease and bring hope that there really is a service out there who truly KNOWS your world and how to talk to your potential clients (PC). But first allow me to give you some information. Yes, I have a structure so you NO LONGER NEED TO BE AFRAID!

Our Phone Specialists
As I continue to add to phone specialist to our support team each one of them receives personal 1 on 1 training on our 6 Bullet Points in processing intake calls. This is a 15-18 hour training which includes, tech training, systems, platforms, set up and role play on “how to talk to the PC”. You see I believe, and I am committed to, bring our client – the therapist – personal, quality, and precise phone schedulers who not only get the job done, they do it very well and they care!

It’s not just about having someone ‘answer the phone’
While it is true if a caller has to wait to long before someone connects with them, they will move on, it’s also true that if the call is not done strategically and with knowledge and experience they will also move on or just not schedule the intake. When talking to a PC for mental health, I believe this is in a class all it’s own. This is why most answering services don’t work well for clinicians – they are not trained on how to connect and talk to the caller – and if the caller happens to get emotional, projects anger, or goes on and on and on – they are at a complete loss and have no idea how to handle the call. I have several therapists contact me and say “I hired an answering service and it was a disaster”.

It’s easier for us to get off the phone than it is for the therapist
Not only have we been able to refine the 6 Bullet Point call but we are able to do it in a relatively short time. Many therapists struggle in this area and wind up doing “therapy” on the phone. This can become very time consuming and COSTLY. We are able to stick to our 6 points, and with the training our specialists have, keep the conversation under control all with a little TLC! Therefore when you invest in outsourcing this service, you begin to create time for yourself to do the things only you can do!

I already have a system in place. Do I have to change what I am doing?
NO! Here is one of the best parts about using this service. At MSS we adapt to your system, your platforms, your process and most likely you won’t even have to train us. We are skilled in many platforms, EHR’s, phone support software and scripts. So the transition most of the time will seem smooth and simple – contrary to what you may think, believe or have heard.

I don’t have a system in place. Can I still outsource my phones?
YES! We will set up and create a system for you! Because we are well versed in the platforms necessary, it’s just a matter of getting information and letting us do the work for you. We already have it figured out – again – NO TRAINING.

Ok, now that we have gone through some of the logistics, let’s take a look at the structure of the calls…Here are the first 3 of the 6 Bullet Points on a call.

I often have therapist’s contact me who want training on “how” to talk to their PC on the first call. Yep, therapists themselves can truly suck at the first connection and closing the sale. I understand this process – with over 10 years as a director in a mental health center I have talked with many PC’s through the years. One thing that is critical is to connect within the first 5-8 seconds of the call.
So the first thing our schedulers do is to connect and Create a Relationship with the PC. This is as simple as saying ‘Hi, my name is Frances. What is your name? Tom, I am so glad you called today, how are you doing and how can I help you?’ I know, you may be thinking that’s it? But you would be surprised at how simple it is to connect with someone and let them know you are listening and honestly care they are calling.

Next we…


This point really piggybacks on bullet #1 – because we have already connected and provided and easy transition for the PC to move on to the reason they are calling. Many times the person calling is scared, hurting, unsure, anxious and so on. For some it’s the first time they have ever called about therapy and have no idea what to do, what to ask or what to expect. It’s important that we let them know we are here to help them, that what is discussed is confidential and assure them they are doing the right thing by reaching out for help.

And then….


  • Potential clients just want to know
  • What you can do to help me?
  • Are you the best fit for me? What can you offer that the previous therapists or centers I called couldn’t provide?

So we need to help them to see the value of what they will get when scheduling with you. Each of our clients at My Solution Services completes a profile for our schedulers to use with each as they talk with you PC. This is an extensive list of WHO YOU ARE, your qualifications, education, experience, practice details that help them to know and feel confident you are the best fit. Once our scheduler has created value about who you are, then the client can feel at ease about continuing the call for that potential intake – or closing the deal.
This takes us half way through the call but as you can see it is definitely important, even critical, to have structure, knowledge and skill in answering phones for potential clients.
I trust this has helped to give you some peace of mind, some information and a starting point for when you are ready to invest in outsourcing your phones and scheduling which will allow the growth in your practice you desire.

  • Are you ready to let go of answering your own phone?
  • Are you ready to have someone qualified, experienced and dedicated to take your calls WHEN you need them taken?
  • Are you ready to have time back in your life freeing and do the things you really want to focus on?

Just imagine a world where you don’t get anxious after a session because of fearing all the calls you need to return, with all the notes you have to write, help the kids with homework, try to navigate what’s for dinner or be able to enjoy your family before crashing at the end of the day.

After all, isn’t this one of the reasons your chose private practice in the first place?
Imagine not being “ stuck” on a call, doing free therapy because you don’t know how to “close the call” or the PC is tugging on your heartstrings and you just can pull yourself away?
Imagine someone doing the “sale” of your services for you? It looks like this…

  • You’re in session focused on the clients before you doing your best work
  • You have time to do notes in between your sessions and keeps you current
  • You check your text or email and see you have a new intake…at full fee
  • You smile and are grateful for making the decision to invest in your business and outsource your phones and scheduling to a service that specializes in mental health
  • You go home and be present with your family
  • You go to sleep with a peaceful mind knowing all is well and taken care of

YES, THIS IS POSSIBLE and can happen much easier than you may believe. If you are ready to step out, push past the fear and KNOW the investment is NOT JUST ABOUT SPENDING MONEY but about giving you back time and bringing peace in your life, and getting results – then click on the link below to schedule a no obligation consultation. https://calendly.com/mysolutionservices/60minconsultation

My Solution Services is “Bringing Hope and Guidance to Clinicians Around the World

I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂