Here are some of our happy clients we work with and others we network with are saying about My Solution Services.
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Manpreet Lehal, LPCS
Founder, Wake Counseling & Mediation, PLLC

“After starting my group practice, I started researching the possibility of hiring an Online Business service and virtual phone specialist to help with phone calls and scheduling. The services ‘My Solution Services’ offered were much superior when I compared it with other companies offering VA services. Frances took the time to understand my practice needs, and the phone specialist we were paired with was very professional & completed tasks in timely manner. Frances communicated well as practice needs grew & supported future business decisions. I would recommend My Solution Services to other clinicians if you want to focus on your clinical work instead of wasting your valuable time as well as grow your practice.”

Dr. Steph Wellness Solutions
Founder, Dr. Stephanie Waitt, LPC, PhD

When I hired Frances and My Solution Services I was going out of my mind. I was too scattered, anxious, and overwhelmed. I could not keep things together. I was at a point where I could no longer grow and I needed help.

It was honestly scary to make the investment, but I immediately saw results. In our first coaching session she helped me relax my anxious mind. I was able to sort through and calm my mind so I could focus. I had a plan. Every week she holds me accountable. We brainstormed ideas and solutions, and most have worked out very well for me. I will do my best to explain how my work with Frances has bettered me and my business.  

When I hired her I was working full-time and had a part-time private practice. Within 1 month I was able to leave the full-time job and do full-time private practice. I have hired not 1, but 2, therapist to contract with. I have been full and remain full and I have made over $10,000 every month. Because I invested in my business and hired Frances, she was able to help me do these things.

She took over tasks that allowed me more time to do other things to grow my business. Rather than calling back clients and scheduling I was able to trust her and her team to do a good job allowing the time to focus my efforts on writing, inventing, and networking. My business has grown rapidly as a result. Don’t look at hiring Frances as a cut to your pocketbook. Look at it as an opportunity to pour into your business so that your business can grow and flourish.  

Wellness Solutions, LLC 
Founder, Danielle Ellis, MA, MCJ, LPC – S, NCC

I have been super busy and am so grateful that things are running so smoothly!!

Robyn took it upon herself to make a spreadsheet for my wait list which was really awesome. I didn’t really realize how many people I turn away. I am super excited about starting coaching!!! I haven’t used a coach before and am loving how things are falling into place. It feels like implementation with y’all has just been seamless.

I also want to pass on that I continue to receive absolutely rave reviews for Robyn. I had been a little concerned that my clients-being spoiled-would be reluctant to engage with her since they were accustomed to always speaking to me. But it has been quite the contrary. EVERYONE loves loves loves her and have made a point to pass on how awesome she is. I thought I would give credit where it is certainly due.

Change your Lead 
Founder, Angela Sherman, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

I have the pleasure of working with the team at My Solution Services. As a clinical psychologist in private practice, there are so many details to tend to (outside of the clinical work) and I was feeling chronically overwhelmed. When I spoke to Frances, she totally understood where I was at and was able to offer several ideas and suggestions that might work for me. I immediately felt relieved. I am so thankful for the help they have provided me on this journey and very much look forward to our continued work together! 

Chicago Compass Counseling 
Founder, Sarah Suzuki, LCSW

Frances has transformed my business from a chaotic, putting-out-fires-enterprise, into a profitable practice I am proud to own. When I first reached out to Frances, the only benefit I thought I would get was someone who could help me handle new client calls and intake procedures. I was fearful of losing money and delegating, but took the leap and hired her because I was desperate for help. Imagine my surprise with the outcomes she achieved after ONE MONTH of service: a 100% return-on-investment, streamlined software, and a sustainable vision for my practice! At the beginning of 2016, I just wanted to keep my doors open. As the end of 2016 approaches, I am now in the process of hiring associates and expanding my practice – a goal I would have considered impossible back in January. My accountant reached out to me in July and said, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it, because your numbers are amazing.” Because of Frances, I now have more time with my husband, friends, and family – and more time for self-care. Frances has helped me bring integrity, intention, and excitement to my work. Thank you, Frances! 

Integrity Counseling 
Founder, Olya Pavlishina, LMFT

“Hiring Frances and her team has been a huge blessing for my business and my sanity.  I was getting very overwhelmed with the phone calls while running a practice with multiple clinicians.  I desperately searched for a solution as I knew I didn’t have physical space for an administrative assistant.  Frances was God sent!  I still remember that amazing relief the first week that Frances started answering our center’s calls.  A grateful thought went through my mind, “I can be fully present with my children today and not worry that I am missing potential clients.” Frances is professional, organized, fun, and open to feedback! And I love it that we can pray for each other when life throws challenges at us!  Very thankful for Frances and her services! “

Amanda Morris, LCSW

“Frances is thorough, professional, responsive and efficient, not to mention patient and funny! She knows what helping professionals need to run and grow our businesses more smoothly. I’ve been in private practice for three years and was feeling frustrated with trying to do everything myself. Frances immediately helped me to prioritize in our first conversation. She has been invaluable in helping me through my business growing pains. I am already brainstorming about how she can help my colleague and me with a new project and can’t wait to work with her again! “

Restorative Acupuncture
Founder, Gilian Lata, L.Ac.,

“Frances is amazing. So is the team she’s assembled. She is competent, efficient, responsive. I don’t know what I would do without her. I’m the only one in the office, I couldn’t possibly have time to take appointments BUT I need someone to be doing that or my business would cease to exist. I had been looking for online business services but they all seemed so unperson-able. MANY of my clients have commented on how nice her team is, and she works with my software, which is a major plus.  Thanks to Frances and her team!”

California Altura Vista and
Founder, Ernesto Segismundo, Jr. M.S. LMFT

“Frances J. Harvey and My Solution Services, provides the highest professional service. I have been incredibly impressed with how fast her team schedules appointments with new client intakes. She and her team does it all!  She also provides me with feedback on how to maximize my time and enhance my business skills. I supervise pre-licensed therapists and she also keeps them accountable for scheduling appointments, and making sure they follow-up their first time clients. California Altura Vista, values high level service to our clients – Frances and the My Solution Services team helps maintain that value.
I highly recommend My Solution Services to any mental health professionals or any type of business that need helps to maximize, enhance and grow their business.”

Counseling Recovery
Founder, Michelle Farris, LMFT

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with My Solution Services for several weeks now and I am so pleased with them. They are pleasant, quick to respond and able to do a variety of tasks that I find extremely helpful. Her staff is WONDERFUL and very willing to make sure I have what I want.
In the past, I’ve found it difficult to find someone who has the same work ethic while understanding the importance of responding quickly because when it’s my website or email campaign help – I need it fast!  I can’t recommend Frances and her staff enough and consider myself lucky to have found them!”

Growth Counseling Services
Founder, Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S

“It is a pleasure to give Frances my highest recommendation as an Online Business Manager offering virtual assistance. to the mental health industry. Frances brings a wealth of knowledge and talents to her work including excellent organizational skills, impeccable follow through, she has a great attitude and an incredible level of integrity which allows me to trust her in important tasks. I also appreciate her down to earth approach, great attitude, and professional, yet fun, personality. If you are looking for a fantastic OBM, Frances is your woman!”

Founder, Steven D. Unruh, LMFT

Frances is an excellent business woman.  She keeps you accountable as well as creates innovative action plans for marketing your business. This saves me a significant amount of time and stress. 

Founder, Jamie LeNoir

“Frances Harvey is amazing! She is a wonderful balance of professionalism and passion. Working with Frances gives me the freedom to focus on my contribution to business as she takes care of every behind the scene detail I need addressed.
If there is a new concern, Frances will do the research, commit the time, and follow-up with the progress and resolution. Her ability to implement my desires with her wisdom makes for a great team. Finally, I appreciate her ability to listen to my “overwhelm” and pull out the facts needing focus in a step-at-a-time approach.”[/three_fourth_last]

Founder, Laura Depp, MA, LMFT

“As the only therapist in my private practice, usually taking a vacation means that business grinds to a halt. Not so this time! I hired Frances from My Solution Services to respond to emails and voice mails for me while I was away. Because I’ve worked with her in the past, I know that she is confident, experienced, and professional when it comes to conversing with clients, setting up appointments, and even setting fees over the phone. It gave me peace of mind while away to know that she was handling things, and it was wonderful to return and discover that I had new clients booked for the upcoming week, all thanks to Frances.
On my return, she briefed me on everything in an efficient and organized manner, and all of the intakes that she booked followed through on their appointments.  I would definitely use her again any time that I am away!”

Founder, Nicole Garcia, MA, MCC

“I made the bold decision to be my own boss and open my own private counseling practice. I am experienced and have been told by many that I am very good at what I do. I thought that would be enough. I found that being a great counselor doesn’t equate to being a good business person.  I happened to read a blog post which said, “Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you doing it ALL on your own? Would you like more time to devote to your family? I am here to help, as little or as much as you need.”
That post was by Frances Harvey and she hit the proverbial nail on the head. I have been working with Frances for several months and I am very happy to say that she has given me the information and guidance I need to stay on track. She has made my website look polished and professional. My forms are up to date. I am much more confident that I am complying with all the laws and regulations associated with all aspects of my practice.
Frances gives me the encouragement I need to make my business my own, but she also provides me with insight into what needs to be done in order to be successful and have a life.”

Founder, Christian Bennett

“Frances Harvey is a multi-faceted business woman with heart, integrity and skill. She will do more than meet your needs, blessing you all the way.”

Founder, Brandon Pendergraft, LMFT

“Frances is a beacon of light; a person who balances care with honesty well, and she is the type of person that makes it very clear to you how much she cares for you. She was always supportive and professional in our actions and had an eye for the bigger picture.  She was a invaluable to me during our time together at the counseling center, and continues to be a blessing in my life.”

Founder, Scott Phillips, LMFT 

“Frances is a highly detail oriented manager who demonstrated her motivation to help our clients through her commitment and proficiency. She is thorough and direct and demonstrated an approach to personnel that inspired quality work with clients.”


“Frances has the rare combined qualities of efficiency and thoroughness in the workplace as well as an incredible ability to manage multiple and complex relationships with business partners and co-workers.  She makes time to both care for her relational connections while accomplishing a hefty workload with grace and humor.”


“Frances is very caring, compassionate and intuitive. She is a treasure and an asset. To have her in your life is to have immediate added value!”

San Francisco Grace Church

“I worked with Frances for three years. She is bright, assertive, responsible, caring, and goes above and beyond duty at her work. She does this because it is in her nature to work hard, but she also sees work as a ministry in which excellence is not an option.  I highly recommend Frances as I would hire her in a second if I owned my own business!”