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My Solution Services offers our clients resources for therapists, by therapists and experts in their field.

I have the privilege of working with some of the most amazing people, business owners, and inspirational encourage-rs around!  
Those listed have services, resources, and products we believe in, use and trust.  


my solution services meet the team people we love resources for therapistsPrivate Practice Coach and Founder of – ACCELERATE YOUR PRACTICE, MY FAVORITE 5 PEOPLE and THE NEXT 90 DAYS for Therapist in Private Practice. If you are ready to implement and see REAL results, to finally be free to do the work you love, the way YOU love to do it, YOU NEED JO! is owned and operated by JoJo


As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc siteSocial Media and Video Marketing for Therapist in Private Practice. was inspired by the idea that mental health therapists underutilized the power and effectiveness of video marketing to attract more clients and showcase their expertise. With YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., it is now very easy to develop a web-based presence via video marketing. is owned and operated by Ernesto


Allison PuryearAllison is the Founder and Owner of Abundance Practice Building and after starting 3 private practices in 3 different states, we believe this more than qualifies Allison to speak into other struggling and growing practices to help them with their Abundance!  Allison has a full private practice and specializes in Eating Disorders.  APB helps therapists build private practices that exceed their expectations. Individual and group consultation in-person or online. I want you to step into the kind of life you’ve only dreamed of and private practice can be a great vehicle for that. All those hesitations and doubts? All that pit of your stomach fear? We can work those out. Seriously, private practice is not so hard!   Let’s make your life awesome.


Kat Love

Kat is a website designer dedicated to helping Psychotherapist get more clients. “Everything I do is built on a foundation of love. Love for psychotherapists, love for connecting therapists with those they can help, and love for all things website. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your website, you aren’t alone. Many therapists struggle with the technical stuff, the endless list of things you need to learn, the where-do-I-even-start feeling. I will support and guide you to website success without the website stress. Whether you are a therapist that is just starting out or a therapist that has been online for a while and is looking to take their online presence to the next level, you’ll find free content and services here for you.”



The Superpower Method For Therapists™ Program guides you to use your strengths and create a business that’s bolder and more innovative. Rather than just doing what other therapists are doing, my method guides you to create the practice only you can create.  The Superpower Method For Therapists™ Program is NOT a generic blueprint for building a therapy business. It is a process designed to give you an individualized strategy and to maintain your focus over time. It teaches you to make every business decision in a way that brings you closer to the business you really want. I’m a therapist myself. I have been running a successful private practice for over 13 years, and I have been coaching other therapists for over 5 years.


Maelisa is the Founder and Owner of QA PREP which is a Live and/or Online Training Program for Therapists who struggle with writing and keeping up with notes and documenting Insurance. Her courses also provide CEU’s for those who need to meet their requirements of continuing education. Maelisa specializes in teaching therapists how to connect with their paperwork so it’s more simple and more meaningful. The result? Rock solid documentation every therapist can be proud of! Check out her free online Private Practice Paperwork Crash Course, and get tips on improving your documentation today.


Howard is the Founder and Owner of Simple Practice. They are one of the top leading EHR’s today, based in Santa Monica, CA, they are rockin it.  Howard and the team bring a ‘simple’ user-friendly, yet intuitive and customizable software to help manage your practice and business needs on a daily basis. 
The idea for SimplePractice came from their desire to build a practice management software that would be simple, intuitive and easy to use. The core product provides the necessary features to run your practice and help meet the legal and ethical requirements to document treatment and protect patient information. We are deeply committed to working to always improve the user experience and responsibly add features that bring value to the product.  My Solution Services is an affiliate for Simple Practice.


Nicol is an expert witness, a therapist, a child custody evaluator, a former CPS investigator & forensic interviewer, and a consultant and coach.

Prepare for court with this online 10-unit course and downloadable handbook/workbook. This course also counts as 6 Hours of Law & Ethics CEUS, approved by BBS/CAMFT in the State of California. Check to make sure that your board will accept CEU’s from BBS/CAMFT providers.Therapist’s Rescue Kit for Court will help you feel prepared, less anxious, more informed and ultimately calm your nerves in case you do receive a subpoena or any other court related request or order. You can reduce your fear by knowing the “playing field.” If your saying in your head right now, “I hate court, I don’t even want to have to think about it.” This is the course for you. Let’s CYA your private practice and protect your brand aka your name. Leave court standing tall. Feel good about your testimony and set policies in place that protect your practice.


Perry is the Founder and Owner of Brighter Vision -a turnkey website solution designed to help health professionals attract more clients and thrive on the web. We offer health professionals the entire package: Amazing website templates crafted by design professionals, lifetime support, Search Engine Optimization and more! And unlike other companies, we don’t just give you a template and send you on your merry way. When you become part of the Brighter Vision family, we custom build you a website on one of our frameworks, adding your unique colors, fonts, textures, and images to make it 100% unique to your practice.


“SHOCKEY"Sherry is the Founder and Owner of Therapist Practice in a Box. She is a speaker, author, successful entrepreneur and the co-owner of Central Counseling Services which services over 400 clients per month for the last 8 years. Her heart and passion for helping not only clients but those starting out in private practice have led her to launch an effective and affordable business start up and coaching program.
Therapist Practice in a Box will teach you how to create the business of private practice, it takes the fear out of building that dream life. Therapist Practice In a Box”provides you with step by step instructions, and the nuts n’ bolts checkoff list to become a successful and profitable therapist. The Box will teach you how to implement your dreams of being a successful private practice owner.



Divorce, for most people, is a traumatic experience. It can become a web of dysfunctional behaviors, accusations and overwhelming feelings of anger and loss. Choosing to ‘mediate’ your divorce is the smartest decision you could possibly make when it comes to sifting through all the issues that require competent decisions. Retaining an attorney and getting separate counsel, only exacerbates the anger and compounds the longevity. If there are children involved, without question, all of the research says, that without divorce mediation, the result is more depression, stress, and chaos in your children and in your home. Mediation provides a vehicle for resolving divorce efficiently while retaining your dignity.


DANIELLEInsurance credentialing and billing clients may seem like daunting processes with a great deal of paperwork, but they certainly do not have to be! The paneling process should be no harder than applying to graduate school if you know how to keep organized and when to follow-up. Billing can take you minutes a day handled in an effective manner. Danielle is the Founder of Be Your Own Biller – a Consultant teaching Insurance Billing and Credentialing for Therapists.


Tamara has been in private practice since 1991 and knows the challenges of the business side mental health!  After 20 plus years of struggling to learn on the fly, stumble around and have a few knocks to the ground – in 2003 she became the Founder of this awesome resource to help other clinicians on their journey.  Private Practice From the Inside Out is designed to help you cultivate an openness to new and different ways of developing your practice into a vibrant story of possibilities – a story for growth, a story for joy and connection, a story for peace of mind – so that your practice uniquely reflects you and feeds you and your client’s sense of all that is possible!



Are you a Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Counselor, Author, or a healing professional? Do you need support and direction in building a  solid foundation for your private practice goals? Perhaps you would like guidance in branding and marketing your vision, and creating a business that is both profitable and enjoyable. If so, then I invite you to take the first step to make your dream a reality. Mari Lee, LMFT, CSAT is the owner of the successful private practice in Glendale, Growth Counseling, and knows what it is like struggling to have a thriving and growing practice.


Clay is also the founder of Walk and Talk Therapy – New York’s first and only outdoor counseling practice – Clay has employed a number of innovative techniques, including outdoor and online psychotherapy. His practice has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and on Good Morning America and

The Online Counselling Directory is an international directory that provides a platform that connects people with therapists all over the world. The Online
Counselling Directory also provides resources and guidance to therapists that wish to take their practice online with podcasts and documents that help you get started. His goal is to both inform everyone on the latest developments, as well as make accessible a therapist finding tool that allows for an immediate connection between therapists and potential clients. As communication technology becomes more accessible to everyone, the way therapists and their clients connect will move more into online communication platforms.


Melvin is the Founder and Owner of Selling the Couch (STC) and one of the leading voices in practice building. Melvin brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and gentle spirit to the private practice world of mental health and has a heart to share it with as many clinicians as possible to help their journey be just altille easier.
His latest tool (still in the makings) is the Learning Library/Directory. Take a minute to check is out and be a part of the groundbreaker group for this awesome resource.
If you’re an aspiring or current mental health private practitioner and want to learn what’s working for successful private practitioners, if you’re ready to expand your career beyond the walls of the therapy room, create multiple income streams, and build a career where family, relationships, and self care are equally important as business success – then you NEED to connect with Melvin at STC! He will share valuable wisdom from successful practitioners, break down complex marketing and business ideas into language that’s easy for us to understand, share his successes and failures, and do this ethically and with kindness, sincerity, and respect to our profession and those we serve.


kelly and miranda

Build A Successful, Passionate Private Practice With Cash-Pay Clients.  Kelly and Miranda of ZynnyMe founded the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists just for this very reason!  It is a one of a kind experience that will change your life, your practice, your business, and your finances- if you let it.  ZynnyMe was born out of two therapists coming together through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events and deciding to make something beautiful. Our hope is that this site and what we’ve created truly transforms your life, your clinical practice, and your business.


JoeJoe Sanok is an ambitious results expert and creator of Practice of the Practice. He is a private practice business consultant and counselor that helps small businesses and counselors in private practice to increase revenue and have more fun! He helps owners with website design, vision, growth, and using their time to create income through being a private practice consultant. Joe is also the founder and owner of Mental Wellness Counseling Center in Traverse City, MI.