One of Many or One of the Chosen?

Ok…so you are in Grad school and getting more excited everyday as you progress toward completing your degree and “getting on with it!” grads

IT? = Private Practice – the ultimate goal.

It’s all so exciting and as your dream draws closer and closer you may begin to start thinking “how do I run the business? how do I get clients, do I have to answer my own phones and do my own scheduling….”?  More and more questions and concerns will begin to arise and most will walk the isle for their degree with un-answered questions and/or be prepared.

Its all so exciting, your dream draws closer and closer – then there are new voices, ones that whispers, can I really do this?  how do I get clients?  how do I run a business?… who answers my phone when I’m in session?  These voices grow louder until you get to graduation, walk the isle for your degree, with questions that are unanswered and although they started like a whisper – they are now more like a scream!

Do you want to be one of the many OR one of the Chosen?

As you study psychology for the most part, these courses don’t come with classes for running a business, getting clients, marketing, etc.  Oh sure, you are ready to do therapy, but how will you get the clients to do therapy?  How will I know what to say and do and successfully turn those hurting people who need therapy into actual paying clients?

This is where I come in.  I can help you be more prepared, offer you training and experience from the real world of therapy and business. This is the Missing LINK!

My name is Frances J. Harvey and I am the Founder of My Solution Services (MSS) – an Online Business Manager which specializes in helping therapists in their private practice.  I have a history of 10 years in mental health – 8 of those years I was the Director for a large counseling center in southern California.  I did everything from answering phones, talking to new potential therapy clients, hiring staff, training, accountability, marketing, hiring office staff working with students and more…I did it all!  with the exception of therapy. 😉

The last two years I have built a business in helping clinicians grow their practice.  One of the services we offer our clients is Phones and Scheduling – this is where we take over their incoming calls for new potential clients and schedule intakes.  It is becoming a very popular service because as a therapist continues to grow, it gets to the point they can no longer “do it all” and need to outsource certain tasks.  So as they grow, MSS grows and the need for additional help continues to knock at my door.

Imagine what it will be like for a prospective therapy client to speak to MSS for the VERY FIRST TIME. It is an incredible privilege that we get to do this for our MSS therapist customers.  IN this way we are contributing to the improvement of therapy!

This is where it begins to make sense that you are reading this! I need help and I want YOU!  Well, what I need is   students who are willing to commit to a minimum of 6 months to be a sub-contractor with MSS – it will be on a 1099 basis.  In essence, it is a paid internship and you will learn aspects of the mental health business that you don’t get in school.  This is the “real deal” hands on, ins and outs of the everyday life of how business needs to function in order for a practice to be not only successful, BUT continue to grow and thrive.

If you are passionate about therapy, and have a genuine desire to bring an attitude of excellence in service delivery in one of the most difficult times for therapy client’s – then this may be the right role for you.

What I am offering you…

  • An amazing opportunity to be talking to client’s, and other therapists consistently.
  • Training in how to answer calls for potential clients
  • Training in how to convert these calls into paying clients
  • TO observe and be a part of how the business side of mental health works
  • Gain experience with Therapy Management Systems – i.e. Simple Practice and others
  • and much more

What I need…

  • I can only work with those who are committed and dedicated a minimum of 6 months
  • You must have Patience
  • You must be computer literate (between intermediate and advance skills)
  • Accurate keyboarding skills and attention to detail
  • You must have strong follow through
  • You must have strong Communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • You like to have fun!

Although this is a paid position, the hours are not guaranteed…nature of the business.  But the value and experience that you will walk away with to use in your own Private Practice will be priceless!

Are you interested?  then all you need to do is apply and send me a 1-page letter outlining why this would be a great opportunity for you, and include your resume in Word format.  Once I have received your information, if it looks like it might be a good fit, I will contact you to schedule a time to talk.

please send to: – subject line: Student Internship