Oh Crap! I JUST Saw this Message…from Last Month

IT HAPPENS – You missed an important message!

My Solution Services | Missing a Message | Onl. Business ManagementLife is busy, your practice is growing and you’re doing it all on your own. Even if you have an assistant, may they are overworked, overwhelmed and sometimes they just can’t get to it all. You are trying to keep up thinking you are doing an OK job and you finally have a moment to look at your business page on Facebook and BAM…there it its! There sits a message from a potential client, referral, or connection and it was sent a month ago! A BLOODY MONTH!

If you’re like me, I HATE it when I miss something like this – just in life itself, but then in my business…OH HELL NO! I feel like I have already let the person down I haven’t even met or spoken to and I worry that it will give me a bad reputation. I lay awake at night and worry “what will they think? what will they say to others about my services?…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

There is no need to worry or loose sleep

Let’s face it, it’s no secret that social media is not just “social” anymore. It has become a vital business tool, and though for some it can bring direct clients, for others it is a networking, connection tool, and acquire information – that can bring indirect clients, or better yet build relationships and valuable support! So it IS important that we as entrepreneurs pay attention on a regular basis to our Facebook business page and the messages that are left on them – because if we don’t and this happens again and again – people WILL move on.

And how do I know about this… Because it recently happened to me. 🙁

When life and business get busy and/or overwhelming some things just make the “top 3” on the to do list and we miss things!

I pretty sure it has also happened for some of those on the Facebook team as well and cause them to say “oh we have to fix this” and created a simple fix. Facebook has acknowledged in more ways than one that their product IS a business tool and they continue to find ways to improve this tool not only for the social user but for the business owners.

I know, I know – some of you might be thinking, but didn’t you see that red circle with the number in it that says notification? Well yes I do..when I actually GO to the page.

But even if I were to have seen it, do I really want to have a butt load of places in which I have conversations going on… wait, now where was I communicating with that person? Was it in email, my Facebook feed or PM on my personal page or was it my business page… hmmm maybe it was LinkedIn!

Are you getting the drift yet?

Just one LESS place I have to go look, remember and monitor. So the more we can streamline things into one place, the more efficient we can be and the better service we can provide because we can only do so much as we are only one person. RIGHT?

So what’s the answer? – LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

Do you need a PRA? What is a PRA? I am glad you asked – It stands for

Personal Response Assistant!

I am going to show you the easy way NOT to miss that important PM message. 🙂 Maybe you have already found this awesome tool on your biz page and if so, thank you for reading anyway, but for those of you who have not – I was so excited when I found a simple way to solve the problem – for FREE and it took less than 5 minutes to set up. As I was talking with my business coach she encouraged me – “You should write a blog about this and show others what you found.” Good idea! I even decided to share pictures for the visual effect.

Ready? Here we go…

Login into your Facebook Business Page
Go to the upper top on the right hand side and click on Settings
Then on the left, click Messages

My Solution Services | Missing a Message | Onl. Business Management

On the right hand side under Manage settings
Click on Response Assistant or
Jump to section

My Solution Services | Missing a Message | Onl. Business Management

Next under the Response Time
Click and Toggle to the YES (the one of your choice or all three)
Then click CHANGE to customize your greeting.
NOTE: The greeting is limited to only so many characters, so be brief and make sure to communicate what you want the person to know.

My Solution Services | Missing a Message | Onl. Business Management

Here is where you can redirect the person leaving a message to communicate with you in your PREFERRED place and insure they will get a quick response. Then make sure when they reach out to respond quickly.

Next you have the option to make it personal and/or add your website. (I would suggest you do as your website is your greatest tool of providing information about the services you offer.

My Solution Services | Missing a Message | Onl. Business Management

Type your message, then below click on Add Personalization
Review and make sure there are NO type O’s and finally

Then sit back, relax and have that cup of Starbucks and KNOW, that you will in fact, get those private messages which help to GROW YOUR PRACTICE!

BTW, did you notice my PREFERRED place of communication is my direct email address? www.MySolutionServices.com 🙂 frances@mysolutionservices.com

That’s it and YOU’RE WELCOME!

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