It’s Not Just About the Business!

Most people may think the only reason to have a Facebook Business Page is to get clients.  While this is partially true, I wanted to give you a few other reasons why My Solution Services is on Facebook and other Social Media.

Recently a friend of mine posted a quote on FB from Zig Ziglar…

    “You Don’t Build a Business.  You Build People and then People Build Your Business.” 

I like this and believe it is true.  Good old customer service and building your business is about your relationships with people.

When I was a young girl my parents had a business and the office was in our home.  We learned very young it was the relationships they had with people that made it successful!  Both of my parents knew, cared about and provide TOP NOTCH customer service for their clients…even during the dinner hour!  We would be in the middle of dinner and the business phone would ring and they would answer it! They would assure their clients “things will be taken care of” and not to worry!

I was very young at the time, but things stick in your head when you see them over and over and this is one of those things.  With ANY type of business, people will pay more dollars if the customer service “relationship” is in the right place.

Bottom line???? People just want to be treated right, with respect and feel they are getting value for the money they spend.

  • Having stated #1

I am here to be of service to the best of the ability that God gave me… AND I want to have fun and hope that my clients have fun as well! I am – by nature – an encourager and get a lot of joy out of seeing people grow, their business become successful and bring hope to their world! So you will find many things on my page other than just “business” or marketing! Of course, they WILL be there too…but LET’S HAVE FUN while we work!

  • Networking and Resources

Hi, my name is Frances and I am a networking junkie! LOL

I believe the more we network and share, encourage and lift one another up, not only do we bless “the other business/person” but also the one looking for what they are offering is blessed. (I hope that made since). I may not have what you need or want but I’m pretty sure I know someone that does…and I don’t want people to walk away empty handed! With technology today, the choices are endless, easy and we are able to help more people as we go about our journey!

Sooo, I will be sharing other posts, websites, blogs, videos, pictures, quotes and so on through my FB business page. If you are looking for something or a services, etc… ask me! If I don’t have it, or if I don’t know someone who does, I will help you find it!

  • Freebies

Everyone likes to get things free from time to time.  Another friend of mine recently said “One of the best things you can give to people is you” meaning your time, knowledge, experience, etc.

So whether it be quotes of encouragement, ideas or facts to help you along in your business, a phone call, having a cup of coffee, or just need someone to listen…I’m your gal!  And of course there will be “surprise” freebies from time to time!

  • A Positive Impact

I have a personal commitment to bring only good to FB!  This is also true with my personal page.  One of those other things that stuck in growing up…mom taught us “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.  Mom is now 92 years old and still full of wisdom!

Last – We Are Here to Help, Leaving You…

More Time to Do What You Do Best