Advice from Therapists Around the World

Kelly Higon, LMFT of ZynneNe wrote this blog for Psych Center.  She asked therapists, coaches and entrepreneurs around the world for building your business.  I made the cut.  🙂

You don’t get to the top in one jump. You will have challenges to face, goals to meet, and hurdles to jump. But, it can and WILL happen if you keep taking one step at a time, doing something EVERYDAY toward your goal to get to the top. Frances J Harvey

Here’s a preview of this fabulous blog post:

“If you have ever wanted to glean encouragement and wisdom from other therapists who are in private practice, now is your chance. After surveying a few groups of therapists, these are some of the juiciest bits collated for you to use anytime you need support. Building your private practice is as much about you as it is about others. As a business coach I have always said that your business is a mirror, reflecting your inner workings. Here is what others had to say:

Starting in private practice is so much more of a personal journey than you may expect. Take the time to address all of your own issues that come up so that you can be your most effective with clients. – 

Melissa ToddYou’re likely to learn as much about yourself as the clients who come in, and if you’re not, get some help. – 

Kimberly WulfertBe prepared for an identity crisis because you are asking others to believe in you, so you better believe in yourself. – 

Drina NibbeYou are enough. – 

John HarrisonBe who you are as a person and as a therapist. The right people will find you. – 

Megan HaleBe human. – Darlene Tando

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