6 Steps To Finding A Top Notch Virtual Assistant For Your Psychotherapy Practice

blog2The “How to” of things are really what people are looking for!  In Part 2 of the guest post from All Things Private Practice, that is exactly what I wrote about. 6 Step to  finding a Top Notch Virtual Assistant (for any type of business).  KNOWING what you want and need BEFORE you hire is essential!



Frances writes:

I believe the most important key Hiring a Virtual Assistantto our success is our relationships with others whether it be with your family, friends, clients or colleagues.  When you build relationshipsfirst, people will help your business will grow as a result.  Having a “top notch” psychotherapy practice means having the right people around you.  Having the right Virtual Assistant is just as important, if not critical.

It’s similar to clients finding the right therapist. It’s not hard to find a therapist (or VA), but finding the best fit for you and your practice is when you get the best results.  So yes, you need to take time, energy and research in finding that “top notch VA” for you and your business.

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