10 Myths to Bust About Using an Online Business Manager

Recently I was asked to guest blog on the site “Abundance Practice Building” about the Myths that clinicians have in hiring an Online Business Manager vs a Virtual Assistant or Office Admin.   In this blog I “bust” those myths to give clarity and to see the benefits in taking the step of faith to invest in your private practice.

Allison Puryear writes:

Our common friend Jo Muirhead suggested Frances and I meet. On Skype, across the country, I was floored by her experience and what Frances is up to.  If you’re one of those clinicians that really struggles to get your business shit together, Frances is your woman. She’s was the director for a big counseling practice, managing the business side for the company. As the owner of My Solution Services, she is passionate about making our jobs, and thus our lives, easier so we can do what we do best. I reached out to her for a guest blog so she could explain to you guys what she does and what’s possible for your practice.

Some of you know you need to reach out for help with this stuff… Maybe you’re dropping balls, forgetting to check remittance, not collecting your fee here and there only to notice months later. Maybe you HATE voicemail or email and know you’re procrastination is costing your clients. If that’s you, stop sabotaging your business. You’ll spend less hiring help than you probably have in uncollected fees. Just sayin’. Let’s hear from Frances now as she challenges some of your resistance.

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